Why Spain is not Uganda

Last week, the Guardian, a newspaper that’s a big deal in the UK, run a poll on which holiday destination was more attractive to their readers – Uganda or Spain. Being the buxom beauty that the pearl is, we beat Spain black and white in the poll. Some analysts put it down to Spaniards not […]

Hit song to our beloved leader

I particularly love this article because on a dreary evening working late, my parents called me, laughing heartily and quoting lines from it, saying it had totally, totally cracked them up.  I hope you enjoy it too Kikyusa Sub-county chairperson, Abubaker Mubiru Ssematimba, last week asked schools to compose Museveni-praise songs. I feel for the young […]

To the dude jumping the broom

The Life Magazine in which this column runs in The Sunday Monitor had a wedding issue. Weddings  aren’t something I’d ordinarily write about but the envelope had to be pushed. This is what I came up with. This wedding issue of Life magazine has left frills and decorative jars strewn all over the place. It’s […]

Boda bodas and karma

Once upon a time, in a foreign place called Bwaiise, in a time long before the age of swimming pools, people lived wild and free. They ate and drank what nature provided. They skipped and hopped joyfully from one day to another, without a care in the world. Their only question each day was whether […]

The magical security wand

Many people have scoffed at the mundane-looking hand-held security gadget used to search them as they enter a building. “This rugged device doesn’t do anything. It just beeps for nothing “, they say. I shared the same sentiments till I had a chance meeting with a top security official who used a promise of grievous […]

Why admin assistants can’t be black

A job ad run in a leading daily sometime last week for an administrative assistant in what, on the surface, seemed like a blue chip company. The company though required that before you apply, you “must be a foreigner (Indian, Phillipino, White)”. All those reading the ad and considering applying stopped at that part and […]

On making an honest shilling

Some men were arrested last week for making money. It would not have been a crime if they’d chosen to go about it the way you and I do – waking up every morning and beating the odds to get to work, with the odds getting creative everyday-one day it’s rain, the other it’s an […]

A movement in the right direction

The grapevine, after quite a number of pleasantries, lengthy small talk and a lot of prodding, mentioned that there are rival camps in the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM). “I tell you Kakoma, there are shakes in the Movement,” as though thinking it could sneak that pun past me. Reacting to my unsure […]

On doing the write thing

There’s a Social Media Summit taking place in Kampala next month; the people behind it asked me to write something on why I blog. Also, there’s been an ongoing challenge this week, the UG bloggers challenge, to write something every day for 7 days. This is me hitting two roaches with one stone. Why I […]

Why you must watch Big Brother Hotshots

The Big Brother Africa (BBA) house went up in flames last month because at that instant, millions of minds around the continent were thinking “BBA is hot! Sooo hot!” The official statement released said some nonsense about there being “investigations to get to the bottom of the matter” but we all know that our collective […]