When MPs blow it

Do you read some stories in the news and immediately think that all that’s lacking is some good actors, a great soundtrack and a deep-voiced narrator to turn the story into a blockbuster movie? You do? I do too. Last week, well after I’d submitted an article for publishing, one such story came up. One […]

Here’s to true hardworking Ugandans

It’s been said by a number of detractors that Ugandans are not very hardworking people. The same haters have said that we only love to party; that we only go to work to finance the partying. They are quick to bring out pictures of politicians in various states of slumber in the middle of meetings. […]

For a happier back-to-school season

The back-to-school season did this thing it usually does of sounding a war cry that simultaneously empties parents’ bank accounts and also draws traffic from all parts of the world and deposits it on our ailing roads. Over the years, with the help of school administrators around the country, the war cry has become very […]

That Street Preacher isn’t for you

This side of my writing has been in the works for a loooong time; it’s been more and more second-guessing before letting it lie ‘a little longer’. Today though, I finally leave my comfort zone and try something new. I hope you find it useful. A friend of mine and I were driving past a […]

Why the President should own all the money

One day to the LC5 by-elections in Busia, our beloved leader visited the district to buy the elections (because what else can you do in by-elections?). That was a joke. Back to the point; a day before the elections, our leader shows up to drum-up some support for his party’s candidate. To sway the electorate, […]

You made the list, Congrats

It’s graduation season. You made the list. Congratulations! If you breezed through university, this isn’t for you. This one is for you who knows that being on the list didn’t come easy. You spent nights awake, some in bars to keep your friends company (you never liked the places at all) but the nights I’m […]

The joys of a long leave

It is said that civil servants have it good. Modern folklore has it that they have this job feature that allows you to leave your coat on your chair as you step out to attend to other business. The same folklore says they go for innumerable conferences, have long study leave, have long lunches, arrive […]

This year, be a hero

Happy New Year! This is my first post this year. It was published 2 weeks ago by The Sunday Monitor though I’ve been very slow in publishing it here. I do have 3 other articles I’ve been equally slow to publish. *Hides*.  I’ll publish them this week, one each day starting tomorrow. *scouts promise* Also, starting […]

Christmas inventions we need

If there’s ever a time in the year when we badly need inventions, it’s this one. All the merry making, travelling and binge-eating presents several opportunities to better mankind. It is documented that Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him after a hearty Christmas lunch. There he lay, battling sleep after the meal, unable to […]

When the people won’t let you go

Our First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Service, Henry Kajura last week let us in on how he’s under pressure to serve again as MP for Hoima Municipality. Fun fact, he’s been serving as a public servant, in one position or another, since 1966. That’s almost as long as the country has been […]