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I write 'By The Way', a humour and satire column that runs in ,The Sunday Monitor. I make many attempts to keep it serious and full of incisive facts. My editor doesn't quite agree.
Besides 'By The Way', I give a take on spirituality, manhood and marriage

Goats do come in handy

Late last month, the country was turned upside down as parliament looked for goats. No, really. Parliamentarians, those of ill-fitting off-colour suits and with a randy affair with the English language, took time off their busy shout-each-other hoarse schedules, to go hunting for goats. The Public Accounts Committee probed the theft of 30,000 government goats. […]

How to prepare ornate mashes potatoes

This column has pushed into this world so many great recipes that have gone on to be used by millions worldwide to create sumptuous, belly-turning meals. Fingers have been licked clean, plates thoroughly wiped and entire neighbourhoods filled with glorious aromas. I wish I was making this stuff up as I type but all of […]

What Africa Cup taught us

A good number of eyeballs watched the Africa Cup of Nations. Nigeria lifted the trophy. Through all the kicking, a few lessons can be learnt: Kicking can pay the bills If you have well-developed calf muscles and you feel fulfilled running up and down a pitch, tackling, dribbling and shouting things that we watching you […]

Things that are so last year

Happy New Year. Exclamation mark. All entries of mine till March will begin with that phrase…unless the editor cuts them out. But why would any good person remove cordial greetings? Even overly-beaten ones? And since you are here now, when is it wise to stop the “Happy New Year” greeting? So say you are a […]

Shopping rules for men

Every once in a while, a warm-blooded male will find themselves thrust, by circumstances, ever so forcefully into a supermarket. The initial reaction from a well-adjusted adult male is one of panic. Must leave right now. This is followed by a very-hard-to-control urge to run for the exit, only stopping to hurl colourful phrases at […]

The boda boda chronicles

If you have gulped in more than three breaths of “fresh” air in Kampala, then you have definitely used a boda boda before. If you are still trying to calculate how many breaths you have taken then let us, for argument’s sake, assume that they are more than three. If you have no doubt that […]

How to save time

We have very few hours in a day. Our country would be way more developed if only we had more hours in a day. Elifansi, the boda rider would transport more people. Badru, the taxi driver would do more routes. Kasadha, the guy who now runs Sula’s rolex business, would spin more rolexes. Bebe Cool, […]

Are you addicted to Facebook?

I’ll start this piece by taking on the voice a seasoned writer with global acclaim and many international awards (Caine Prize, Caining Prize) and using the definition of a word; Addiction(noun)-the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent […]

How bodas came to be

In a few days we will throw everything off and run around the streets celebrating liberation from British rule. We will sing redemption songs and do the monkey dance. Our chests will swell with so much pride; we would have to wear extra jackets to stop ourselves from catching that chest-pride disease doctors speak about […]

How to excel at your new Job

Dear not-so-young reader, you recently left College. Makerere University, Kyambogo, KIU. The rest. Outside countries. All those nights spent carrying your notes to Club Silk to sneak a peek at them when the DJ would launch into a few minutes of lingala finally paid off. Kudos to you. It also helped that you followed your […]