We have very few hours in a day. Our country would be way more developed if only we had more hours in a day. Elifansi, the boda rider would transport more people. Badru, the taxi driver would do more routes. Kasadha, the guy who now runs Sula’s rolex business, would spin more rolexes. Bebe Cool, well he would get into more fights. J. Musisi would shake-up Kampala some more. Don’t miss that pun…I took off a few months to come up with it. Potholes would grow smaller. Doctors would treat more patients. Uganda would definitely be better. 24 hours are the main reason we are still a third world nation fifty years later.

Rather than sit and complain till the malnourished cows and the scrawny chicken come home, I took time off my very relaxed schedule to share with you techniques my research has revealed will definitely save you time and in essence lengthen your day. I’m not practicing all of them but if you succeed, let me know how. Save time by:

Eat while driving to work
The average human being who has never been to the army will spend 20 minutes having breakfast. So much time wasted. Pick up that gonja, pack the juice in those cool packs they sell in supermarkets and feast away as you dodge potholes and make angry faces at other drivers. Save time. Eat. Drive. Uganda needs this to develop

Shower fully once a week 
We all know that Lake Victoria once almost dried up before our very own eyes. We cried foul. Summoned the gods. Did the rain dance. Swam in mud. Ate beetroot. Drank soda. We did everything to arrest the situation. We could have saved ourselves this unnecessary heartache by bathing less.

The average human, research shows, showers seven times a week. Those who shower more are considered amphibians and those who do so less are taxi conductors. If, on average, one takes seven minutes in a shower, that’s almost an entire hour lost every week. What can you do for your country, your motherland, your nation, in an hour?

Save time. The time you spend showering costs Uganda valuable steps towards attaining first world status. Develop your motherland. Bathe less. Naturally, you’d need to buy lots of deodorant

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