Jesus and John the Baptist’s unity in the Spirit

In the book of John, chapter 3, the Bible records Nicodemus, a leader in Israel, going to Jesus at night to do some consultation. Jesus drops profound truths on him and I believe he goes away with a lot to think about given the novelty of the things he is told. I picture Nicodemus on […]

Starting over…and UBHH

In September last year, I stopped writing a weekly humour and satire column for The Sunday Monitor. By The Way had run 4 years at the time. It felt like I was on the wrong side of the submission deadline every week and the regular owe dance wasn’t doing it for me anymore. The owe […]

How to meet the Pope

Pope Francis recently told the Uganda government the things he wants and does not want during his visit to the country in November. The list was the kind to make any politician squirm – he won’t sit with any other passenger in his car, he won’t use a big 4×4 SUV vehicle, he won’t meet […]

Bringing wayward termites to book

The chief administrative officer of Abim district told members of parliament recently that termites had eaten vouchers accounting for 900 million shillings. I think it was unfair to drop such information on the MPs unceremoniously; for news like that, a press conference followed by a huge feast are in order. These were clearly well-read termites […]

One thing that changes all

This week, something magical happened. If you ignored how hot it was, closed your eyes and listened –really listened – you’d hear an unmistakable sound of joy slowly rising to the sky. This sound, still discernible right now if you are reading this less than a week from when it was first published, is actually […]

When MPs blow it

Do you read some stories in the news and immediately think that all that’s lacking is some good actors, a great soundtrack and a deep-voiced narrator to turn the story into a blockbuster movie? You do? I do too. Last week, well after I’d submitted an article for publishing, one such story came up. One […]

Why the President should own all the money

One day to the LC5 by-elections in Busia, our beloved leader visited the district to buy the elections (because what else can you do in by-elections?). That was a joke. Back to the point; a day before the elections, our leader shows up to drum-up some support for his party’s candidate. To sway the electorate, […]

Here’s today’s pig story

One of the challenges of writing a weekly column on serious social issues is that many times, the “social” has moved on by the time the loud gong that signals that newspapers should be printed is sounded. When Sunday shows up, all chirpy and smartly-dressed, she finds that the hottest news isn’t so hot anymore. […]

Why did the President’s car cross the border?

Last week, we all gasped in disbelief when we heard that Kenya’s President’s car had sneaked out of Kenya with the aid of some uncouth individuals. The vehicle sauntered across the border and was found parting, popping Uganda waragi bottles and living it large in Uganda. All requests for an interview with it were turned […]

Prospering in traffic jam

Last week, we started a journey on thriving amidst heady traffic. We decried how much traffic has robbed this country of sweet time that would have been spent building the nation. We moaned how traffic has turned us into liars, making us tell the person on the other end of the line “I’m just here […]