One of the challenges of writing a weekly column on serious social issues is that many times, the “social” has moved on by the time the loud gong that signals that newspapers should be printed is sounded. When Sunday shows up, all chirpy and smartly-dressed, she finds that the hottest news isn’t so hot anymore. Talking about certain stories is like trying to re-heat an omelet-it just isn’t the same.

That said, when you hear of colored pigs being dropped off in the middle of the city, in the middle of the day, there are so many ways to skin that story. You might even want to poke fun at it, as serious an issue as it is. Reactions to the story varied from being infuriated at how poorly the animals were being treated, to how, by unlawfully assembling in the city center without express permission from our 100-year-old police, the pigs were violating the Public Order Management Act, to wondering what kind of well-meaning citizen would let potential stew roam around unsupervised, to placing bets on how the people behind the protest got some of the pigs to wear hats-some swore that they were tricked into believing that they were being taken for a photoshoot. The protest though does make you hungry…for answers.


Like what happened to the pigs after the arrests? Are they still being held as evidence to be presented in court? What’s to stop a renegade policeman from going gung-ho and barbecuing the evidence? If said renegade policeman does carry off the evidence, would the paint need to be washed off first? In their colored glory, are they still stew-friendly? Maybe this one should be addressed to the chefs who read this column; what’s the best way to stew a painted pig? Is bacon de couleur a real thing?

But does the color of the pig matter? Yellow, red or blue, if it’s snorting, playing in the mud, slinging mud and eating everything in sight, does it rank lower in the genuine pig index?

Very importantly though, has the pig problem squealed enough to get the powers that be to squarely address the big unemployment issue?

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