7 steps to iPads mastery

Not so long ago, in a land where the sun never sets and money grows on trees that there is so much and the powers that be choose to send some abroad to buy expensive gadgets for people who do not use them. Here, the average man’s major problem is whether his MP is reading […]

A case for iPads

I know, I’m late to the bashing-MPs-for-getting-iPads party. Now that I’m here, where are the drinks? I’d like a seat too. All the bashing out of the way, do you know why your MP needs an iPad? Read on. Better dress sense The glossy images our beloved leaders are going to be exposed to with […]

Uganda : Looking for love

It is the month of love. A month to have giddy feelings in your chest. That time of the year to walk on sunshine. The season where your heart pumps faster. That time when red and black paint the town. It is also my worst time of year. I’m alone you see and there’s no […]

Graduation speech for future presidents

This time of year, your oratory skills are put to test. Graduation ceremonies are the source of many sleepless nights in your neighborhood. You aren’t bothered though because yours is one of them. You’ve dreaded the day you’d have to stand before several people and say more than your name from the time you tried […]

Work life isn’t any different from school

Starting this week, a number of you will graduate from the highest institution in the land. You are done. Woo hoo. Done with bean weevils, course work and exams! Welcome to the next level. This is me and all those out in the working world lining up on both sides of the street and singing […]

Uganda police now recruiting

The Uganda Police Force is recruiting. Now is a good time for you to apply. Earlier this week, the police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, appealled to anyone with a university degree and no criminal record to apply. American officers are in the country to help with the recruitment. Your next opportunity to be interviewed by an […]

May 2014 be yours again

This time of the year is like early morning on steroids; you have several plans, so much energy and a lot of hope. Last week, this column was dedicated to some of you. It turned out though that the people to dedicate the year to more than the first article could contain. I dedicate this […]

May this year truly be yours

The New Year has sneaked in and asked that we put our hands up in the air and show it pomp, excitement and a few resolutions. We, not wanting to let it down, have obliged. With your hands still in the air, waving them like you do not care, may this year be good to […]

Leave it behind

You may or may not be those people who make grand New Year resolutions. On the one extreme are those who do not know what a resolution is and there isn’t enough column space to define it; on the other are those who have a New Year resolution book. They have an entire book of […]

End of year party 101

At this time of the year, many companies invite their employees to an all-you-can-eat, take-all-beers-prisoner gig at a trendy venue. End of year parties are generally a chance for you to give your workmates something to talk about the entire year untill you come up with something even more shameful at the next party. You […]