This time of the year is like early morning on steroids; you have several plans, so much energy and a lot of hope. Last week, this column was dedicated to some of you. It turned out though that the people to dedicate the year to more than the first article could contain. I dedicate this year to you. Not just any ‘you’.

You who won’t stop at using Facebook to show us how good your life is but you’ll use it to make our lives better. You may share what you are having for lunch and “OMG, this party is so much fun (insert several photos here)” but you’ll also share incisive articles about the dilemma youth are faced with currently, about goal-setting, about self-improvement.
You who sweeps our streets every morning, bearing with the drivers, rushing to work, who almost run you over every day. You who takes it in your stride when we, litter-generals that we are, litter where you have just cleaned.
You who does not litter. The urge to hurl the maize cob, empty mineral water bottle, sweet wrapper, banana peel out the window hits but you resist it.

You, the politician who cares about the people you lead. You who is more concerned about changing lives, making a difference, adding value than about politicking, getting in front of cameras and being in the press.
You the spiritual leader who wears your title with pride; you who takes the trust people have placed in you seriously. The trust God has placed in you seriously. You, the servant of your congregation. You who does not lie to them. You who feels it’s more than work for you, it’s a calling
You who keeps time. You get to work on time. You get to appointments on time. You who communicates when you are running late. You know of African time but your watch knows nothing of it.

You who gives good customer service. You who smiles in spite of your bad day. You who listens closely to our order to ensure that you bring back exactly what we ordered so you do not have to guilt us into taking what you brought. You, the receptionist who does not treat us like we have leprosy. You the waiter who does not add stuff we did not take to our bill.
May this be your year!

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