The New Year has sneaked in and asked that we put our hands up in the air and show it pomp, excitement and a few resolutions. We, not wanting to let it down, have obliged. With your hands still in the air, waving them like you do not care, may this year be good to you. Not just any ‘you’.
You who is up early, every day to do honest work
You the conductor who does not take our change. You who gives us every last coin you owe us.

You the security guard without a complex; you who does not think we all believe we are smarter than you. You know we are only there to get checked so we can be on our way
You the Boda Boda man who does not break the rules; you who does not go the wrong way round a roundabout just because you can. You who does not run the traffic lights since the traffic officer will not stop you. You who is not crass. Or dirty.

You the traffic cop who does not believe that you are entitled to chai just because you flagged me down. The car is in good shape, let me go.
You who puts in honest work every day, in spite of all those stories of how well your buddies who stole from the business are doing
You who is constantly striving to be better. To do better.
You the taxi driver who gives a turn signal before turning off the road.

You who doesn’t stop smack in the middle of the road to pick passengers. You who doesn’t behave badly just because we’ve labelled you bad drivers
You the man who is there for your family.
You who is constantly looking for honest ways to take your family to the next level. Late nights in the bars are alluring, so are the women, but you choose to give your all to your family.

You put in work to make it work
You the loyal friend. You call. You text. You care. You do not consider writing, ‘HBD on someone’s wall a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.
You who is out there in the community changing lives, listening to heartbreaking stories, reaching out, offering support. You may take part in the
#stopTheViolence tweets but you will do more than that. You know that changing lives takes more than 140 characters.
May this year truly be your year.

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