Prospering in traffic jam

Last week, we started a journey on thriving amidst heady traffic. We decried how much traffic has robbed this country of sweet time that would have been spent building the nation. We moaned how traffic has turned us into liars, making us tell the person on the other end of the line “I’m just here […]

Beating traffic 101

Our country is in a hurry. Every single person is in a hurry somewhere. To work to clock-in and leave to ‘chase a deal’. To school to sit as teachers go on strike. To the gym to sweat a bit. To the bar before happy hour is done. To the bank to join the beautiful […]

Thankful for being Ugandan

It requires a lot of will power to stay Ugandan; different stories in the media make people do Google searches to see if there are countries out there that can adopt them. You had expect that after doing the search once, one would never try to look again…till the next big story hits and all […]

Army takes war to the garden

Our beloved leader recently sent word out that the National Agricultural Advisory Service (NAADS) be given marching orders and be replaced with the strong men and women we usually turn to, to keep the peace during elections-the army. Our leader didn’t send the word on Twitter so he had enough characters to expound; he added […]

Pastors are like WhatsApp

Last week, my fellow columnist and personal friend, Rogers Balamaga (he’s down to the right if you are reading the papers. Hi Rogers) wrote about how pastors are inciting witchcraft wars. He gave an engaging account of how during his high school, while in a prayer and worship session, a visiting evangelist spoke words of […]

5 reasons why traffic jam should be a politician

Traffic jam has been with us for a few decades now. We meet him on our way to work, on our way from work and have a few discussions during the course of the day-some in the middle of town and others on the outskirts. You can always count on running into him every day. […]

How to spread the World Cup fever

For an entire month, all you will see will be one thing or another about the World Cup. If you have caught the World Cup fever, here are a few ways you could spread it In the taxi ride home, break out and sing “Olé, Olé, Olé Olé” when the taxi conductor asks for the […]

8 things you must know about the World Cup

It is that time of year when we let go of all appropriateness and show our support for soccer teams by screaming till the veins in our necks are visible. Oh, the joy. We need to discover a way to bottle that energy and use it to power our electrical equipment. In the future, if […]

We are all heroes

Today is Heroes’ day. Usually, the thing that comes to mind first is a picture of the president handing out medals to different individuals who’ve done one thing or the other for the nation. It is a great time to hand-out medals to different people who’ve had an impact on your life. Your heroes. On my […]

Police want to defy colonial masters

Word in the corridors of power has it that the Uganda Police Force is rebranding. The word actually was announced by the Inspector General of Police during the launch of a six-month campaign; that mode of delivery doesn’t entirely count as ‘corridors of power’ but you cannot fault a columnist for trying to sound sophisticated. […]