For an entire month, all you will see will be one thing or another about the World Cup. If you have caught the World Cup fever, here are a few ways you could spread it

In the taxi ride home, break out and sing “Olé, Olé, Olé Olé” when the taxi conductor asks for the fare. You could sing each time he turns to ask for the fare till he eventually joins in the song. Then give him his money

Go to work in soccer boots and with your phone to your ear, speak loudly to ‘the person on the other end’ and say, “I’m in Brazil but the people here aren’t dressed for the match.”

Do the Mexican wave in class when the lecturer turns to write on the board-you might need to coach the people on the far right on what to do. It’s usually the people on the far right in class that take long to pick-up on things. They are the ones who ask questions after the lecturer has dismissed class. Don’t sit on the far right

Suddenly scream “Goooaalll!!” at any time of day at work, at home, in a taxi, on a boda boda even in a queue in a bank. It would make for better effect if you punch the air in celebration. Don’t try to run and slide on your knees like they do on TV could be those are well-choreographed camera tricks. Besides, the terrain here won’t let you.

Start any conversation with, “Did you watch last night’s game?” or “What’s your team?” or “The USA definitely has the Cup in the bag. Did you see how they played?”

Show up to watch a game all decked-out in Uganda’s colours-face paint, jersey, vuvuzela and whistle. When everyone turns to look, ask “What time is Uganda’s game?” If they don’t get the joke then go watch the game from somewhere else-tell them you support Germany.

For you who isn’t moved by soccer, ha, this is one of those times you wish there were alternatives out there. The excitement just isn’t for you. Next week’s column will be written just for you.

This will be your safe haven-a place you can come and be sure that we won’t write about the World Cup. We’ll talk about a lot of other things.

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