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The Measure Of A Good Neighbour

You may be one of those people who think that they do not have cool neighbors. You silently wish for better neighbors to move in, or for the current ones to become cooler.  I am here to inform you of how good you have it. Is your neighbor good? Take this simple test and find […]

This is what the real world looks like

The moment you are done with school and you finally put your small bundle of books neatly away (we all know that we burn our books after school but this column is parent-sensitive). Yes, after school, one usually neatly puts away the bundle of books that has seen them through the exams. The young person […]

Questions To Ask In A Job Interview

Many times in my life I have found myself sweating behind the ears because of an impending job interview. You spend the night up memorizing all these nice things to say to ensure you get the job. It is a very trying time I tell you. Throughout this hard situation, no one takes time off […]

How To Gracefully Lay Off an Employee

I have heard of how companies lay off employees and I think there are better ways of doing it. Much as the people behind the layoffs, the ones in Human Resource, have several degrees under their belts, I have spent several hours on the internet to back my findings. You cannot contest internet findings. It […]

Save Energy, Enjoy Life

In these days of no electricity, it is only prudent that we save as much energy as we possibly can. Electricity is so scarce, if it were possible to fill basins with it, I’d strongly encourage you to do so. I do however have some tips that will help you sail through these dark days […]

Let’s Cook

Many times you may find yourself alone at home with raw food staring sullenly at you. This sad situation is not helped by the fact that all the recipes out there are written for people who know what ‘spread dressing mixture evenly over each half’, ‘broil until lightly brown’ and ‘bake for 25 to 30 […]

Office Tips

My incisive research and extensive interaction with Human Resource executives both locally in their air-conditioned offices and globally on the internet in my Gmail account have given me deep insights on how to make a very productive company. Because I do not want to be lonely at the top, I’ll share these insights with you […]

One Queue Three

Queuing up in banks is quite an experience. If for some strange reason you’ve never been in a queue in a bank, like maybe you’ve been away training circus monkeys how to do a perfect back flip, or you keep your money in a hole under the mvule tree in your backyard, I’ll be kind […]

What School Ought To Have Taught Us

School was all fine and dandy. We were taught all kinds of cool things like all that stuff about logarithms and how to find the area of a tetrahedron. These are all very useful life skills that we undoubtedly use every waking day of our lives. No single day goes by without us running into […]

Tips for a healthy office environment

This is the very first article published by The Sunday Vision in what eventually became my weekly column, ‘By The Way’. I hope you enjoy it My incisive research and extensive interaction with human resource executives both locally in their air-conditioned offices, and globally on the internet in my Gmail account have given me deep […]