[WordPress Plugin Development] Handling Forms

There are some great resources on how best to add a form to your plugin. Notably, there’s this from Tutsplus (They write very solid tutorials; Love them): http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-custom-wordpress-plugin-from-scratch–net-2668 In it, Cristian proposes that you use this for your form’s action and use this to handle the submission: This is fine if you aren’t using OOP […]

Feature Friday | SwiftKey

Today I start something I’ve wanted to do for a while – sharing what apps are awesome. Every Friday, I’ll share an app. The idea is that over the weekend, you can get it and try it out. I’m big on Android for a number of reasons so I’ll restrict my recommendations to it for […]

[I’ve CODE the POWER] Coding: Where to start

[I’ve CODE the POWER] 3 things to expect when learning to code  [I’ve CODE the POWER] Have you code it in you? 3 things that make a great developer In the last two parts of this series, we’ve gone through what to expect and what will make you stand out. We now get into the […]

[I’ve CODE the POWER] 3 things to expect when learning to code

Programming is all the rage today. Everyone wants to learn how to do it; the use-cases are innumerable (and are increasing) and it doesn’t hurt that it pays well. You too want to learn how to program. I’d like to help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead Writing code, like any skill, can be taught to […]

Jaguza | Free Responsive WordPress theme

If you are looking for a free, responsive WordPress theme for your blog, Jaguza is a great choice. It is clean, fast and very easy-to-use. The theme comes loaded with quite a number of features  that are usually a reserve for premium themes. Features Check out the list: Unlimited theme colour options with over 10 pre-built theme colours. […]

I deleted my site. Boohoo

This is me starting over. I didn’t delete the site actually…I changed web host a few days ago and one of the movers dropped my database. That’s over a year’s work gone. Why didn’t I have backups upon backups of my work? I honestly just never got round to it; I coded the site and made several […]

WordPress Must-Have plugins

In as much as I have a no plugin law here, I do believe there are exceptions to the rule based on the kind of site you run. All sites Akismet Spam protection. It comes pre-bundled with your WordPress installation WordPress SEO by Yoast For Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Blog Disqus For comments Autochimp To send out […]

WordPress No Plugin Policy

I generally ensure that a site runs as few plugins as possible. Generally: No. of plugins       Rating 0-5                           5-star 5-10                         4-star 10-15               […]

[Android dev tutorial] Setting up an App-Engine Connected app. The Hiccups

If you are one who wants your android app to scale massively without worrying about loosing sleep over database & server issues (and a host of other ailments that come from staying up too late worrying), hooking it app with an App engine backend is a smart thing to do. It let’s you focus on […]