Today I start something I’ve wanted to do for a while – sharing what apps are awesome. Every Friday, I’ll share an app. The idea is that over the weekend, you can get it and try it out. I’m big on Android for a number of reasons so I’ll restrict my recommendations to it for a while.
Onwards onwards…. App number one on Feature Friday is (backflips, dim lights, acrobats somersaulting onto stage)… SwiftKey!

What does it do?
It replaces the keyboard you use.

I honestly initially found every reason not to install this baby. Why would I need another keyboard? This one works fine…. Ha! The lies. If the keyboard your phone uses were an employee, the default installation would be that guy who puts in an hour then spends 2 at the water dispenser. SwiftKey on the other hand is that other guy, the one in blue, who does everything on time, dots all i’s, completes all reports and then asks whether you’d like a cup of tea.
The keyboard initially studies your writing style and customizes all predictions based on it. The customization is deeply personal. Someone else using your phone wouldn’t type as fast as you on it. After a while, you can type entire sections of text without looking.

You might argue that all this is possible with the default keyboard; one thing though, the default feels like it was built for one size to fit all. The SwiftKey way of doing things is unique to you.

It used to cost a few dollars but last month, they changed to a freemium model. The app is now FREE but if you feel like changing theme, it’d cost you less than a dollar

Try it out. Share your thoughts here

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