Whyyyyyyyyy ohhh whyyyyyyyy???
Whyyyyyyyyy ohhh whyyyyyyyy???

This is me starting over. I didn’t delete the site actually…I changed web host a few days ago and one of the movers dropped my database. That’s over a year’s work gone. Why didn’t I have backups upon backups of my work? I honestly just never got round to it; I coded the site and made several iterations whenever creative dissatisfaction kicked-in but backing-up didn’t seem like a big deal. The irony is that at work, we ensure that we have stacks of backups so high, we can sit on them and strum the proverbial code guitar as we sing in unison.

Doing automatic backups going forward is my best bet. In as much as I have a no-plugin policy:

Thou shan’t use a plugin for anything that can be done in a few lines of code in functions.php

I’ll use WP Backup for a while and see if it can be an exception to the rule. For you who’s deleted your blog, I relate with you. The loss is so big. If you have found a  clever way to get your stuff back, do share.

Update 23-05-2014: I salvaged some of my work using The WayBack Machine. Very neat tool

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