Adding screen options to a WordPress plugin

In WordPress, adding screen options during plugin development is not one of those things with a lot of documentation. There’s a great tutorial on this by Chris Marslender. There’s one here too by someone I’m a fan of, Pippin Williamson. Both went a long way to get me started. I differ from these approaches in […]

On making an honest shilling

Some men were arrested last week for making money. It would not have been a crime if they’d chosen to go about it the way you and I do – waking up every morning and beating the odds to get to work, with the odds getting creative everyday-one day it’s rain, the other it’s an […]

Interview with cloud architect Bas Moussa

Bas Moussa is the Chief Architect at Nuvole Computing LLC, a cloud consulting firm in San Francisco. He designed the firm’s reference architecture that implements cloud architecture in a way that fulfills the promises of cloud computing with maximum portability of components. He has been programming since he was 8 and has worked in Internet […]

A movement in the right direction

The grapevine, after quite a number of pleasantries, lengthy small talk and a lot of prodding, mentioned that there are rival camps in the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM). “I tell you Kakoma, there are shakes in the Movement,” as though thinking it could sneak that pun past me. Reacting to my unsure […]

On doing the write thing

There’s a Social Media Summit taking place in Kampala next month; the people behind it asked me to write something on why I blog. Also, there’s been an ongoing challenge this week, the UG bloggers challenge, to write something every day for 7 days. This is me hitting two roaches with one stone. Why I […]

Why you must watch Big Brother Hotshots

The Big Brother Africa (BBA) house went up in flames last month because at that instant, millions of minds around the continent were thinking “BBA is hot! Sooo hot!” The official statement released said some nonsense about there being “investigations to get to the bottom of the matter” but we all know that our collective […]

Here’s today’s pig story

One of the challenges of writing a weekly column on serious social issues is that many times, the “social” has moved on by the time the loud gong that signals that newspapers should be printed is sounded. When Sunday shows up, all chirpy and smartly-dressed, she finds that the hottest news isn’t so hot anymore. […]

Kidnapped computer’s location revealed

In the work I do away from this column, I work very closely with computers. I’m that bespectacled guy with heavy eyebrows who sits so close to the PC, you’d think it’s whispering something to him. Through this close relationship, I’ve learnt a thing or two about this electronic beast. We get along quite well, […]

How to update your local yum repo

There are a number of  great resources on how to set-up a local yum repo. This one from Digital Ocean is particularly good: How though do you update the said yum repo? I needed to upgrade bash on some hosts to protect them against being ShellShock-ed. This required an upgrade to the local repo from which all these […]