How to court an ex-Prime Minister

I’m publishing this a day late; Mondays lately are pretty heavy. I hope you enjoy the read nonetheless In a rather curt fashion, we got a new Prime Minister last week. If the letter announcing the change were a tweet, it’d have said, “It’s been real. No offense, it’s not you.” If it were a […]

Run a Java Application as a linux service

I needed to run a Java program as a service on a server running RHEL. I used the script below to get it working. I got direction from 1. 2. and 3. The third link provides a detailed explanation on init scripts; I recommend that, at the very least, you skim through […]

Add WordPress Related Posts without a plugin

There are several articles out there on how to add WordPress related posts without using a plugin. I’m adding one more to the fray only because all the other posts do one thing; they match related posts based on those posts being in the same category or having the same tag as the current post. […]

Watch out for the mafia in Uganda

A few weeks back, a minister declared that the mafia were out to have him sacked. As a fearless writer, I immediately reached for my overcoat and a magnifying glass and headed out to “the field” to gather all kinds of information about this clandestine criminal gang. It’s not the first time that these Mafioso […]

WordPress Multiple Excerpt Lengths

There are times you need to have multiple excerpt lengths. You might have a page (usually the homepage) that in one section displays more text that it does in another section. As all things WordPress, there are a number of ways to do this. There might even be a number of plugins for this. You […]

Why did the President’s car cross the border?

Last week, we all gasped in disbelief when we heard that Kenya’s President’s car had sneaked out of Kenya with the aid of some uncouth individuals. The vehicle sauntered across the border and was found parting, popping Uganda waragi bottles and living it large in Uganda. All requests for an interview with it were turned […]

Let’s invest in foreign ghosts

We were thrilled when news broke that the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) allegedly paid about 24 billion to a ghost company from outside countries to do the Mukono-Katosi Road. It was hard for us to hide our excitement as a nation; UNRA had finally broken free of the grip local ghosts had on us. […]

Fix for jQuery selector not working

I stopped short of giving my PC a bath when for some strange reason, the jQuery selectors I was using weren’t working. Thing is when doing basic testing for jQuery, you’ll write something to console.log (either that or you’ll put an alert and wait for it to annoyingly pop-up ). Things were so bad, I did both! Many, many hoops later, […]

[WordPress Plugin Development] Handling Forms

There are some great resources on how best to add a form to your plugin. Notably, there’s this from Tutsplus (They write very solid tutorials; Love them):–net-2668 In it, Cristian proposes that you use this for your form’s action and use this to handle the submission: This is fine if you aren’t using OOP […]