[I’ve CODE the POWER] 3 things to expect when learning to code

Programming is all the rage today. Everyone wants to learn how to do it; the use-cases are innumerable (and are increasing) and it doesn’t hurt that it pays well. You too want to learn how to program. I’d like to help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead Writing code, like any skill, can be taught to […]

How to spread the World Cup fever

For an entire month, all you will see will be one thing or another about the World Cup. If you have caught the World Cup fever, here are a few ways you could spread it In the taxi ride home, break out and sing “Olé, Olé, Olé Olé” when the taxi conductor asks for the […]

8 things you must know about the World Cup

It is that time of year when we let go of all appropriateness and show our support for soccer teams by screaming till the veins in our necks are visible. Oh, the joy. We need to discover a way to bottle that energy and use it to power our electrical equipment. In the future, if […]

We are all heroes

Today is Heroes’ day. Usually, the thing that comes to mind first is a picture of the president handing out medals to different individuals who’ve done one thing or the other for the nation. It is a great time to hand-out medals to different people who’ve had an impact on your life. Your heroes. On my […]

Police want to defy colonial masters

Word in the corridors of power has it that the Uganda Police Force is rebranding. The word actually was announced by the Inspector General of Police during the launch of a six-month campaign; that mode of delivery doesn’t entirely count as ‘corridors of power’ but you cannot fault a columnist for trying to sound sophisticated. […]