Leave it behind

You may or may not be those people who make grand New Year resolutions. On the one extreme are those who do not know what a resolution is and there isn’t enough column space to define it; on the other are those who have a New Year resolution book. They have an entire book of […]

End of year party 101

At this time of the year, many companies invite their employees to an all-you-can-eat, take-all-beers-prisoner gig at a trendy venue. End of year parties are generally a chance for you to give your workmates something to talk about the entire year untill you come up with something even more shameful at the next party. You […]

So you are back home for the festive season

This time of the year sees a lot of people return home after spending quite a while abroad. Making the transition from that country to here, several high-profile studies say, is usually daunting. Thing is, when you were away, you longed for home. The picture of home you had in mind was a bit played-up […]