How to converse with your long lost friend

The nature of life is such that once in a while, you are minding your own business, lost in your own world, racking your brain for the next excuse to give your landlord about the rent when you run into an old friend. Your brain looks up, sighs and goes back to sleep, leaving you […]

Boda boda, there is still hope

Over the years that this column has been in existence, it has on several occasions bashed boda boda riders. Bashed is actually not the word; ‘knocked’ is more accurate. Over the span of a few weeks, it once explored the different types of boda boda. It has also delved into how boda bodas came to […]

How to run a big company

As the big, all-powerful being that runs an even bigger, more powerful company, you spend nights awake thinking deep thoughts on things us mere cassava-eating mortals cannot begin to appreciate. If even half your thoughts run through our minds that don’t run big, powerful companies, we’d fall on the ground and convulse and ask you […]