Over the years that this column has been in existence, it has on several occasions bashed boda boda riders. Bashed is actually not the word; ‘knocked’ is more accurate.

Over the span of a few weeks, it once explored the different types of boda boda. It has also delved into how boda bodas came to be. At this rate, this columnist may one day become a boda boda rider to give you an even bigger scoop on what goes on in that world.

The things said here about the riders have not been flattering. It is therefore with a tinge of remorse that this particular piece is written.

See, once in a blue moon, a boda boda man will do something that will make you realise that not all hope is lost just yet. While he is in the middle of the said act of benevolence, another boda boda rider will twist through two cars, almost causing a collision, and then turn and hurl expletives at the drivers. Or the rider of the boda boda you are on will turn to tell you how he’s never seen a car as lovely as that one right there (gesturing with his hands), all the while turning to look at you, oblivious to the car he is about to ride into. This happened to me. But once in a while, mother earth conspires to show off a few good boda boda men.

There is the one at the boda boda stage who will get off his bike to walk two starry-eyed children across the busy road. He will try everything to keep hold of their hands as he makes his way across the road; the children will try to break free and run across the road the entire time.

There is the other one who will dutifully pick up your children every morning and drop them at school. He will also pick them up on time in the afternoon.

The other one will deliver that large sum of money for you; he won’t disappear and change name. Still, the other one will buy you tickets to the movies and deliver them. The other will buy and deliver your lunch.

While all this is happening, most of their fellow riders will be out there causing all manner of mayhem. Snatching phones. Scratching your car. Not respecting right of way. Having no time for traffic lights.

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