How to cure a hangover

I have read a lot about hangovers. Not when going through one…nothing like that. My time in social gatherings is spent sipping from a small bottle of Frutifly syrup I carry around. It somehow never gets empty due to this revolution in technology in America where they intravenously keep sending fluid to the bottle every […]

How to spot a wolf in a sheep’s skin

In this column, we have covered before how some sayings are no longer applicable today. We looked at the oft-used “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”. We tore the saying to bits using all kinds of references; foreign and local, those from the past and others from the future…we even referred […]

Solve all your computer problems

Have you ever been consumed by an over-whelming desire to pick up your computer and hurl it at a fast-moving train? Of course you have. Everyone has. Slow computers irritate all of us. The only things stopping you from doing it are the facts that you would have to travel a very big distance (and […]

What is your calling in life?

We often muse about what our destiny is. Thousands of research papers, none of which I have read while writing this, suggest that we all have a particular purpose on this earth and that the most successful people in life have found that purpose. What is your purpose dear reader? (Pregnant pause) Does this thought […]

Why it sucks to grow up

This piece is for the young reader spending nights awake wishing they were more grown up. This wish could stem from the fact that they have no wisdom teeth and as such cannot appreciate tearing away at chunky bits of roast goat the way daddy and mummy do. The wish could also be because grown-ups […]

Five ways to use a lift properly

The thriving, robust economy is to blame for all the new buildings that are reaching for the sky. With high-rising buildings come lifts. At least most times. A friend of mine told me she was off to a meeting on the ninth floor of a building without a lift. I haven’t heard from her since […]