Two prominent politicians have recently been in the media, going back and forth, sending each other not-too-friendly words. Politician words. One is a guy. He is smooth-talking and doesn’t wear ill-fitting suits in front of cameras. The other is an iron-lady. She goes by the book.

The feud, fought out entirely in the media, has become more and more heated. Dear reader, you may see this and think that things have always been this way. This columnist is all for researching and bringing you the truth every Sunday. Feuds have not always been settled in the media. Presenting, the different ways that disagreements have been settled through history

Gun fights
Back in the day, in the Wild West, disagreements were settled by gun-slinging. The two disagreeing parties, after trading insults to their heart’s content, would decide that the only way for the argument to be truly settled was if one of them got some lead into their system. By lead I refer, every so underhandedly, to a bullet. By a bullet I refer to one shot from a gun. One party would stand at one end of a road, the other at the other end and on the count of three, they’d draw their guns and shoot.

Wrestling (Ekigwo)
Closer to home, some disagreements were settled by tussling it out till the back of one of the parties touched the ground. It was usually messy; teeth were lost, garments torn, scars and egos bruised and mainly served to greatly entertain crowds. It is said that given the innate thrill that comes with watching grown folk act like beasts, in time, this form of settling disagreements took on a professional form and several forms of entertainment were crafted around it; gladiator fights, Obi Okonkwo’s conquests, ekigwo ekiganda, wrestling, the list is exciting.

Ask the king
This form was usually a reserve for more refined folk; in a jungle, hyenas wouldn’t have this as an option but leopards would. Given the nature of our combatants in this case, this would be the ideal solution. To enter the king’s presence though, one had to go with all kinds of offerings before pleading their case, painting how bad a human being the other party truly is. Seeing as our saga is not yet done, let’s wait and see

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