School holidays are here. Spontaneous celebrations all around. Shouts of joy ring out from every mountain-top. If boda bodas could ride on one wheel, they would do it to show you just how happy they are for you. Now you can rest.
Also, school holidays bring you one step closer to your position of leadership in this nation. As a young leader, here are a few tips from this columnist, a world-renown individual devoted to researching on what makes good leaders.

Holiday work

Were you given holiday work? Now would be a good time to do it. Not back at school using Yusuf’s book as a reference.


Do those things called chores. They may not seem like fun but that is probably because you are not doing them right. Dear young leader, today we show you how to do chores right. Have you tried making the dishes talk to each other as you wash them? What about talking to the soap into beating-up the dirt as you do laundry? What about singing to the food as you prepare the family meal?
Research shows that meals taste better if they are sung to during preparation.
Chores may also not seem beneficial but think about it-when you eventually become one of the highly sought-after leaders in this nation and then aliens takeover, we would all have to go to the electronic bush (because bushes will be electronic in that day) and fend for ourselves. As you organise a revolt, you want to be that leader that knows how to cook, clean and do the dishes don’t you? You don’t want to be that individual who cannot fend for themselves.

Read widely

Child Reading

In the event that you get a minute or two to tear yourself away from your electronic device, do take time off and read a bit outside the things UNEB requires you to. Being informed solely by WhatsApp messages and Facebook updates like us means you’ll make the same mistakes we are making. Do not you watch the news? Do you think we make some dumb decisions? You won’t be any better if you are Facebook-read. Knowing select quotes from Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs doesn’t make you well-read.

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