Following the signing of the controversial anti-gays Bill into law, several nations and organisations that have been partly funding the nation expressed a drop in their zeal to continue doing so.
They said, “I don’t know how to say this but… It’s not me really, it is you. This isn’t working.”

Several informed pundits have shared their powerful views on whether we are ready to fund ourselves. They have broken it down, shared statistics, drawn graphs and all those things that informed pundits do. I, being an equally informed pundit but with a word limit put in place by my editor, won’t be able to draw graphs and all those other things that my peers did. If I’m hosted on a TV or radio show, I will. For now though, here are a few ideas on how Uganda can raise funds to be able to finance herself. She should still go to the salon but let’s see how to make that salon money.

Boda bodas make money. If a clean, smart boda boda rider rode past you, you would want to stop him and get to your destination faster. If that boda boda rider, clean, clad in a suit and tie, were an MP, every single person would want to use them. You would have him on speed dial.
We could ask our MPs to take a bullet for the nation and step out of the big cars and do the noble thing; make the nation some money by riding a bike today.

There are several competitions on TV that give out a lot of prize money-to the tune of $100,000 and more. Government could sponsor several citizens to go out and join these competitions. So you think you can dance, The Apprentice, America’s Got Talent, and the works. We should hold country-wide auditions and send people en-masse to win that money. We might need to use some Ugandans who have since become citizens of other nations. They would still have to send us our money.

Musicians make money. Ministers can release a song and government can issue a decree that radio stations play it at the top of every hour. There should also be legislation that ensures that we, the citizens, go and watch music shows thrown by these singing ministers. To increase sales, we can implore Sean Paul to throw a few unintelligible words in our ministerial songs.

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