Small Business Bookkeeping Template (Google Sheets)

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Level up your bookkeeping! Our Small Business Bookkeeping Template (Google Sheets) saves you time & simplifies tracking income, expenses, & profitability. Gain powerful insights & take control of your small business finances. Start today!



Take control of your small business’s finances with our comprehensive Google Sheets bookkeeping template!

  • Simple and Easy-to-Use: Get started quickly with our simple bookkeeping template.
  • Track Your Finances:¬†Effortlessly record income, expenses, and transactions throughout the year.
  • Annual Snapshot:¬†Gain a clear picture of your business performance with an annual Profit and Loss statement.
  • Gain Deep Insights:¬†Get a holistic view of your business health with a comprehensive annual overview, including:
    • Annual Target Income vs. Actual Income Performance
    • Profitability Ratios (Net Profit Margin, Gross Profit Margin)
    • Cash Flow Analysis (Monthly & Annual)
    • Variances between Planned Expenses and Actual Spending
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions:¬†Our insightful reports empower you to make informed financial choices.
  • Save Time: Automatic calculations and free yourself from constantly trying to manually keep track of how you are doing against your income target and your budget
  • Work Anywhere:¬†Access your bookkeeping anytime, anywhere from any device with Google Sheets.
  • Peace of Mind:¬†Enjoy the security and reliability of Google Sheets, knowing your data is always protected.


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