Welcome to this lesson. In here, I introduce myself – Peter Kakoma. I’ll be facilitating this course. I then give an overview of what to expect in this course. Overall, we’ll explore how to leverage technology to change your small business.

I’ve been building software for over 15 years. I have had the opportunity to do this with MTN Uganda, where I led a team that designed, built and supported several platforms including the voice and data bundle provisioning system as well as the loyalty program.

I founded Kanzu Code Limited almost 10 years ago. Through it, my team and I have built and supported software for hundreds of businesses around the world – from Japan, to Canada, to South Africa, to America. We’ve been a part of helping these businesses do more using technology.

Having built software, run multiple businesses and also, helped businesses of various sizes leverage technology, I get to share on how you too can leverage tech to do more in your business. Welcome to this introductory lesson and to the Business Tech Catalyst Course!