How to customize Android product flavour app name, strings, styles and the manifest

Android development has a powerful feature that allows you to modify an Android application and make it possible for it to be customized and deployed using a different look and functionality. Some examples where this might be useful: White-labelling: This is where you have an application that you customise for each customer. For example, you […]

How to use a GoDaddy Domain with an AWS load balancer

I have hosted domains on GoDaddy for a number of years now. While it provides web hosting, I have never used any of their hosting packages. For starters, I was keen on having a setup that gave me a lot more control than GoDaddy does. More to that, SSL certificates are a must-have for any […]

[Events] Principles of collaboration and development cycles

Over the next two days, I’ll be a part of two events I’m pretty thrilled about.  Tomorrow, I’ll co-facilitate a talk on the principles of collaboration, scale and development cycles. The talk will be at the Outbox Hub from 5:30 to 08:00 PM. The main facilitator will be Bas Moussa, a good friend and the […]

WordPress Child theme – Inheriting parent options

When building a WordPress child theme, it’s important for it to, at least initially, pick-up the settings from the parent theme. Here’s something that works to allow your child theme to, on activation, retrieve the parent’s theme options: Note that there’s still an unresolved WordPress ticket to have this feature added to core: WordPress Ticket […]

Why you should sign-up for the MTN App Challenge

The MTN App Challenge will take place from 29th-31st May, 2015. One weekend of all-out geekery. Fast internet, no sleep, free food and the Mobile Money API! Seems like Ug geek heaven – all that’s missing is probably TV chicken and performances by Radio & Weasel. *cough* Tusaba ba organizer *cough* Anha, what is it? […]

Create Google Charts using MySQL data

While trying to create my own Google charts using MySQL data, the closest solution I found was this in Google’s documentation on how to do something similar. The code used there is: I disagree with the approach there because of one line in their code: That bit goes against the whole idea of AJAX. AJAX […]

Interview with cloud architect Bas Moussa

Bas Moussa is the Chief Architect at Nuvole Computing LLC, a cloud consulting firm in San Francisco. He designed the firm’s reference architecture that implements cloud architecture in a way that fulfills the promises of cloud computing with maximum portability of components. He has been programming since he was 8 and has worked in Internet […]

Add WordPress Related Posts without a plugin

There are several articles out there on how to add WordPress related posts without using a plugin. I’m adding one more to the fray only because all the other posts do one thing; they match related posts based on those posts being in the same category or having the same tag as the current post. […]

[WordPress Plugin Development] Handling Forms

There are some great resources on how best to add a form to your plugin. Notably, there’s this from Tutsplus (They write very solid tutorials; Love them):–net-2668 In it, Cristian proposes that you use this for your form’s action and use this to handle the submission: This is fine if you aren’t using OOP […]

Feature Friday | SwiftKey

Today I start something I’ve wanted to do for a while – sharing what apps are awesome. Every Friday, I’ll share an app. The idea is that over the weekend, you can get it and try it out. I’m big on Android for a number of reasons so I’ll restrict my recommendations to it for […]