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I document solutions to challenges I run into during application creation or while troubleshooting the amazing issues code throws. Here's what that process has yielded so far .

I deleted my site. Boohoo

This is me starting over. I didn’t delete the site actually…I changed web host a few days ago and one of the movers dropped my database. That’s over a year’s work gone. Why didn’t I have backups upon backups of my work? I honestly just never got round to it; I coded the site and made several […]

WordPress Must-Have plugins

In as much as I have a no plugin law here, I do believe there are exceptions to the rule based on the kind of site you run. All sites Akismet Spam protection. It comes pre-bundled with your WordPress installation WordPress SEO by Yoast For Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Blog Disqus For comments Autochimp To send out […]

WordPress No Plugin Policy

I generally ensure that a site runs as few plugins as possible. Generally: No. of plugins       Rating 0-5                           5-star 5-10                         4-star 10-15               […]

Cloud Architecture | Learning from the best

I had the unique opportunity to talk to an industry expert in cloud architecture. Bas Moussa, chief architect at Nuvole Computing, is in the country kicking back, getting away from industry-expert-things to unwind. For a developer in my parts,  speaking to a who’s who from Silicon Valley is like Popeye getting spinach with steroids. Kindness dictates […]

WordPress Tutorial: Update all posts at once

WordPress only allows you to update certain fields (like author, status, tags) for several posts at once from the admin section of your site. What do you do though if you’d like to update fields the WordPress admin section won’t allow you to? What happens if, for example, you’d like to change the post titles […]

How to alter WordPress default comments widget

WordPress ships with a nifty widget to show your most recent comments. There are a number of ways to modify it Use a plugin and change everything Copy the widget code from wp-includes/default-widgets.php into your theme’s functions.php and tinker away Use the widget_comments_args filter I’m not big on plugins. Option 3 is pretty clean and light and […]