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I document solutions to challenges I run into during application creation or while troubleshooting the amazing issues code throws. Here's what that process has yielded so far .

I deleted my site. Boohoo

This is me starting over. I didn’t delete the site actually…I changed web host a few days ago and one of the movers dropped my database. That’s over a year’s work gone. Why didn’t I have backups upon backups of my work? I honestly just never got round to it; I coded the site and made several […]

WordPress Must-Have plugins

In as much as I have a no plugin law here, I do believe there are exceptions to the rule based on the kind of site you run. All sites Akismet Spam protection. It comes pre-bundled with your WordPress installation WordPress SEO by Yoast For Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Blog Disqus For comments Autochimp To send out […]

WordPress No Plugin Policy

I generally ensure that a site runs as few plugins as possible. Generally: No. of plugins       Rating 0-5                           5-star 5-10                         4-star 10-15               […]