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[Events] Principles of collaboration and development cycles

Over the next two days, I’ll be a part of two events I’m pretty thrilled about.  Tomorrow, I’ll co-facilitate a talk on the principles of collaboration, scale and development cycles. The talk will be at the Outbox Hub from 5:30 to 08:00 PM. The main facilitator will be Bas Moussa, a good friend and the chief architect at Nuvole Computing, a cloud architecture firm in San Francisco. He’s actually said a few things here before.

We’ll go over source control, architecture, build, integration and release. If there’s time, and traffic is light and there are no cops in sight and someone’s willing to record the proceedings, we’ll also do the Museveni challenge.


Overall, we’ll go through high level concepts on preparing for scale.


On Saturday, I’ll be hosted in Lira by Emmanuel Angoda, a teacher passionate about technology. I’ll give a talk at Lira Town College to developers, mainly secondary school students, on mobile programming using channels like USSD & SMS.

I’ll share notes from the events.

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