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I document solutions to challenges I run into during application creation or while troubleshooting the amazing issues code throws. Here's what that process has yielded so far .

Virtualbox in Secure Boot Kernel upgrade error

If you run Ubuntu (and probably many other Linux distros) and you run virtualbox/vagrant and have Secure Boot enabled, you are likely to run into the following error every time you upgrade your Kernel (which in Ubuntu’s case is very often): If you use vvv for WordPress development, you’ll run into this quite often.   […]

Google reCAPTCHA client-side validation

Released less than two months ago, Google reCAPTCHA is the pretty new on the block. And she’s clad in skimpy clothes. That’s another way of saying that the documentation is still scanty but the first imagery seemed more appropriate for an audience of solid developers like you. The need for client-side validation arose when users […]

WordPress admin Pointers with navigation

WordPress admin pointers are generally used to give an introductory tour to where different features are in WordPress. They are mainly used by WordPress in the admin section to show you, especially after upgrades, where different (new) functionality is. In plugin development, they make it easy for you, the developer, to show off some features […]

Nagios event handlers for NRPE

I used to use custom scripts to monitor services and get alerts of failures till Bas Moussa introduced me to Nagios. Monitoring and self-healing has been flowers and rainbows since. Nagios event handlers allow you to put in place measures to self-heal your services. The Nagios documentation on setting them up is superb. How do […]

Adding screen options to a WordPress plugin

In WordPress, adding screen options during plugin development is not one of those things with a lot of documentation. There’s a great tutorial on this by Chris Marslender. There’s one here too by someone I’m a fan of, Pippin Williamson. Both went a long way to get me started. I differ from these approaches in […]