Nagios event handlers for NRPE

I used to use custom scripts to monitor services and get alerts of failures till Bas Moussa introduced me to Nagios. Monitoring and self-healing has been flowers and rainbows since. Nagios event handlers allow you to put in place measures to self-heal your services. The Nagios documentation on setting them up is superb. How do […]

How to update your local yum repo

There are a number of Ā great resources on how to set-up a local yum repo. This one from Digital Ocean is particularly good: How though do you update the said yum repo? I needed to upgrade bash on some hosts to protect them against being ShellShock-ed.Ā This required anĀ upgrade toĀ theĀ local repo from which all these […]

Run a Java Application as a linux service

I needed to run a Java program as a service on a server running RHEL. I used the script below to get it working. I got direction from 1. 2. and 3. The third link provides a detailed explanation on init scripts; I recommend that, at the very least, you skim through […]