Virtualbox in Secure Boot Kernel upgrade error

If you run Ubuntu (and probably many other Linux distros) and you run virtualbox/vagrant and have Secure Boot enabled, you are likely to run into the following error every time you upgrade your Kernel (which in Ubuntu’s case is very often): If you use vvv for WordPress development, you’ll run into this quite often.   […]

Why you should sign-up for the MTN App Challenge

The MTN App Challenge will take place from 29th-31st May, 2015. One weekend of all-out geekery. Fast internet, no sleep, free food and the Mobile Money API! Seems like Ug geek heaven – all that’s missing is probably TV chicken and performances by Radio & Weasel. *cough* Tusaba ba organizer *cough* Anha, what is it? […]

Google reCAPTCHA client-side validation

Released less than two months ago, Google reCAPTCHA is the pretty new on the block. And she’s clad in skimpy clothes. That’s another way of saying that the documentation is still scanty but the first imagery seemed more appropriate for an audience of solid developers like you. The need for client-side validation arose when users […]

Create Google Charts using MySQL data

While trying to create my own Google charts using MySQL data, the closest solution I found was this in Google’s documentation on how to do something similar. The code used there is: I disagree with the approach there because of one line in their code: That bit goes against the whole idea of AJAX. AJAX […]

Fix for jQuery selector not working

I stopped short of givingĀ my PC a bath when for some strange reason, the jQuery selectors I was using weren’t working. Thing is when doing basic testing for jQuery, you’llĀ write something to console.logĀ (either that or you’llĀ put an alertĀ and wait for it to annoyingly pop-upĀ ). Things were so bad, I did both! Many, many hoops later, […]