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— by Peter kakoma —

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Business Tech Catalyst

Grow Your Business with Tech: Streamline Operations & Make Smart Decisions

Tired of manual processes? Having a hard time keeping track of tasks, processes and even profit? Learn how to leverage technology to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and unlock growth in your small business. Join the Business Tech Catalyst today and transform your business!

Content: 8 Modules, 25 Lessons

Duration: Starts On April, 25th. Runs for 6 weeks

Format: Self-paced with live weekly session

everything you need to

Successfully leverage the power of tech in your small business

Make data-driven decisions for growth

Weekly sessions with a tech industry expert

Streamline your operations by leveraging cost-effective tech solutions

Improve customer experience and boost sales

Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome efficiency

Master essential tech tools, including AI tools, for your business

Peter Kakoma. The Tech Entreprenuer, Tech Consultant and Software Engineer

Meet your facilitator

Peter Kakoma

Peter is a passionate tech entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building and running businesses. Through his companies, Kanzu Code Limited and Kanzu Code Inc. (USA), he’s helped regional and multinational organizations, as well as small businesses, leverage technology to streamline operations and achieve growth. In this course, he draws on his experience of nearly two decades building tech tools to show you how to apply technology strategically across key areas of your small business, like finance, marketing, sales, customer support and project management.

Leveraging tech in your business

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Business Tech Catalyst FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not. The course has been stripped of as much technical jargon as possible to make it easy to follow along and to help you apply what you learn to your business immediately. 

We cover the following:

Module 1: Introduction to Tech Catalyst
  1. Understanding the role of technology in driving business growth & Exploring the benefits of adopting technology for small businesses
  2. Overcoming common barriers to technology adoption
Module 2: Building a Strong Online Presence
  1. Importance of having a website and creating a professional online presence
  2. Website design best practices and user experience considerations
  3. Leveraging social media platforms for brand promotion and customer engagement. 
  4. Exploring Website Building Platforms for Your Online Presence. 
Module 3: Streamlining Communication with Digital Tools
  1. Utilizing communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams for efficient team collaboration and internal communication
  2. Optimizing project management tools for customer support, onboarding new employees, and managing the sales pipeline
  3. Utilizing project management tools as personal to-do lists and task management systems
Module 4: Empowering Financial Management with Technology
  1. Introduction to financial management tools like QuickBooks and Zoho Books
  2. Leveraging accounting software for bookkeeping, invoicing, and financial reporting
  3. Streamlining financial processes, expense tracking, and budgeting
Module 5: Making Informed Technology Decisions: Buy vs. Build
  1. Understanding the concept of “buy vs. build” decisions in technology adoption
  2. Assessing the pros and cons of purchasing pre-built solutions versus developing custom software
  3. Evaluating cost, time, scalability, and maintenance factors in decision-making
Module 6: Ensuring Data Security and Privacy
  1. Importance of data security and privacy for small businesses
  2. Implementing measures to protect sensitive business and customer data
  3. Compliance with data protection regulations and best practices
Module 7: Creating an Efficient Workflow with Automation Tools
  1. Exploring workflow automation tools and their benefits
  2. Identifying repetitive tasks and processes that can be automated
  3. Streamlining operations, reducing manual efforts, and increasing productivity
  4. Introducing personal productivity tools 
Module 8: Technology Adoption Strategy and Implementation
  1. Developing a customized technology adoption plan for your business
  2. Setting priorities and aligning technology implementation with business goals
  3. Managing change, training employees, and monitoring the impact of technology adoption

While the course is self-paced and you’ll have unrestricted access to the course and all updates made to it, you’ll have a live weekly session with your facilitator for 6 weeks from the start of the cohort. During these weekly sessions, each running for 1 hour, you’ll get real-time support, personalised feedback and extra training on the various topics covered in the course.

Yes, you can. You’ll need to deposit at least 20% of the course fee to gain initial access and your access to the course content will vary based on your payment plan. You will have access to all community resources and the weekly coaching calls. For further inquiries, go to 

There will be a weekly 1-hour session with the program facilitator to cover various topics 

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