In here, we’ll discuss why goals are so important. “They energize”, “stimulate action”, “help overcome obstacles”, etc. This is said about the importance of goals in life. And indeed when we use them to motivate ourselves, goals unleash such a creative force that they can get us through any obstacle in our path. They give clarity, meaning, direction: they optimize our efforts by focusing our energies. 

To release this power, however, the vision of the future must be specific and well defined, as well as our objectives must be well defined, while desires are often confused, blurred and elusive. 

To allow the vision of our future to carry us forward, our goals must be vivid and exciting, they should also be ambitious enough to challenge us to make the most of our potential. The importance of goals in life and one’s personal growth The importance of goals in life is deeply linked to our personal growth, to our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual evolution, to our self-determination: in this sense we can say that it is the journey that matters.