You have certainly heard of self-esteem, this word is often heard on television, among friends, acquaintances, etc. But what is self-esteem? How can we define it? And why is it important? Self-esteem is the “personal perception we have of ourselves” in a particular period of our life. Self-esteem is linked to the image we have of ourselves, but also to beliefs, values ​​and convictions. The goal of this course is to improve self-esteem, to become more effective in reality, achieving goals that previously seemed unattainable. Of course, self-esteem is one of the most important aspects of our mind, which accompanies us from an early age on the fascinating journey of our life.

The level of self-esteem is reflected in your life, producing negative effects ranging from shyness, to relationship, work or other problems. Low self-esteem turns out to be an obstacle to self-realization, for this reason this course presents different techniques to recognize and overcome it.