KAKOMA | DeveloperHi. I’m, Peter Kakoma¬†and i love programming. I started writing code about 15 years ago as an intern at a web development company in Kampala. The code¬†was for a¬†WordPress website. I spent a big part of the internship asking, “What’s the difference between a blog and a website?”. The other part I spent setting up EasyPHP¬†(a web development environment) and figuring out. I lie. trying to figure out how the different bits¬†work. And learning HTML. Sweet HTML.

I lead the team at¬†Kanzu Code,¬†where we build & support software applications for enterprises. Here’s some of what that’s produced so far. During the creation/troubleshooting/pulling-out-hair¬†journey, I share the interesting bits¬†I discover in the process. Here are all articles on code so far

I do have robots¬†that deliver my best content straight to your inbox. Give them your address here and they’ll get to it. I’m ashamed to say they can’t read minds yet so we’ll have to use the pretty old method where you type it in yourself.

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KAKOMA | WriterAs the sun goes down, Peter Kakoma reaches for a lopsided pair of replica shades, dusts off a trusted pair of earth-brown leather gloves, untucks the beaten red cape he stuffs under his work clothes, sounds a war cry that sends shivers up the spines of every politician in Uganda, then he quickly makes his way home, slowing down only to dodge potholes. At home, he switches on his trusted laptop, Tanya, and starts to write. The writer.is.A.L.I.V.E! *deafening evil laugh* *cough* *cough*

I wrote¬†a humour and satire column,¬†By The Way, for The Sunday Monitor. In it, I gave a light take on the¬†political situation in Uganda¬†– from hit songs to our beloved leader, to covering MP fights, to pig stories to cross-border investigations.¬†I’m a founding member of Urban Legend Kampala, a pretty entertaining website in Uganda.

I believe in Jesus. I’m learning, rather slowly, about what this means and how it plays out in all aspects of my life. I share on ¬†faith,.

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